Made in Chelsea series 2 begins tonight

September 19, 2011 07:27 | Film and TV
Made in Chelsea E4

Spoilt bloody rotten this summer, as we indulged in the happenings of Chelsea’s young, rich and socially elite, the general feeling amongst viewers was bittersweet. 

There is something, somewhat addictive about the E4 series crammed with country houses, tears, tantrums and exclusive parties that leaves us greedy for more and well… the good news is that Made In Chelsea is back on our screens for another (extended) series and boy are there ample questions to unravel as we pick up the crumb’s they left behind on our sofa’s.  
Questions like: Did Caggie board that plane to New York after an emotional farewell at the polo? And following a rather soul destroying attempt at playing hard-to-get, will Spencer and his – um’ unfaltering, charm finally be enough to woo the girl of his dreams and childhood sweetheart ‘Caggs’? 
Our eyes still sore, after bearing witness to what must have been the most painfully undignified three-some on the tele, we ask, what will this series hold for Hugo after being rejected by Rosie, and hooking up with sexy conciliation prize, model and make-up artist Millie whilst on holiday in Cannes?
After stealing a sneak peek at the new series, it seems all is not well for the new couple. “I think he is nicer to his female friends than he is to me,” Millie sighs. Oh dear. It’s not looking hopeful!
Meanwhile in camp Ollie, best friends Binky and Cheska question their flamboyant, fashion and fake-tan adoring friend, who by the way, revealed his bisexuality in the first series claiming that he wanted to date men for a while. It seems like this latest venture is on hold, however, as he openly flaunts his relationship with on- and off- screen girlfriend Chloe Green. The daughter of Topshop Owner Sir Phillip Green brushed off the confusion and surprise on the faces of open mouthed viewers, (myself one of them) during an interview with E4: “People have been surprised,” she defended the relationship, “but I think now they’re really happy for us, and they’ve come to their senses and seen that we actually make a really good couple.” She pouts subtly to perfect and finish off her on-screen debut when a not so subtle boyfriend gatecrashes the interview to give Ms Green a cuddle… and we can relax. All is well in the Royal Borough.  
In series two we are introduced to a few new faces.
Among those, joining the cast is 23 year-old swimwear entrepreneur Victoria Baker-Harber. Victoria who is a good friend of Chloe’s describes the pair as “quite unstoppable” when together. Victoria is also very fond of her beloved dog Foxy, although you can sigh with relief – Foxy it seems, is too big to fit into the socialite’s handbag.
The one to watch this series is 22 year-old Jamie Laing. Heir to McVities, Laing hopes to follow in Dylan (daughter of Ralph) Lauren’s footsteps (well sort of) and open a ‘sexy sweet shop’ where ‘candy kittens’ serve customers, although this seems to scream 50 cent rather than confectionary connoisseur. I’m not entirely sure how the locals on King's Road would receive this venture. SW3 watch the space!
Speaking of entrepreneurs, I wonder whether Jamie would do well to seek some friendly advice from fountain of all knowledge Francis. With his savoir-faire and array of priceless quotes, is it safe to anticipate more overtly awkward moments from the entrepreneurial genius (and my personal favourite) Francis of Francis Boulle Enterprise? …I think so!
Rumours are surrounding our next Chelsea newbie, 21 year-old Louise Thompson which promise to liven things up. Louise, who is currently studying at Edinburgh University, formerly dated Spencer for six months and the pair supposedly rekindled their relationship this summer… But where does this leave Spencer and Caggie? Well don’t fret! If things really turn sour between her and Spence, she has old flame and newcomer to the show, 24 year-old artist and party animal Ollie Proudlock to play with.
The new series begins tonight (Monday, September 19) at 10pm on E4 (await with bated breath) and if this weren’t ‘exciting’ enough, E4 is also set to broadcast a one-hour reunion show at the end of the second series. One can only imagine the intensity of having all the hair flipping, bizarre pouting, awkward pausing socialites in one mere room.
You know you want to watch it and guess what? Nobody needs to know you did.
Rachael Grace is reviewing the second series of Made in Chelsea which starts tonight on E4 at 10pm.

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