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  1. Office desk

    Creating a healthy work environment

    We spend most of our lives at work. As sad as that statement may sound, working is a necessary part of life, and the drive for success and ambition is one that comes from within. As humans we are wired...
  2. Running man beach

    5 secrets to a flat stomach and a healthy gut

    Are you spending hours sweating at the gym and doing mind-numbing abs crunches but you are still not getting a flat stomach? The answer is in the gut.Follow @paolaenergya 
  3. Immune system

    Guest post: Spotlight on the immune system

    We are all unique. The immune system recognises this uniqueness and protects us from external attacks. Bacteria and viruses are our main enemies. Antibodies are present in the lymph nodes and have protective characteristics against viruses, bacteria and damaged cells.
  4. Paola Bassanese massage therapist wellbeing writer

    Your guide to a healthy summer body

    Summer holidays can be the perfect opportunity to look after your body. The summer season is ideal to detox from the excesses of the winter months and to renew each and every cell in your body with good nutrition and new...
  5. Meditation

    How to feel energised: 5 easy tips

    Short, cold days, long, cold nights. Warm, soft duvets. It's not easy to get up in the morning and feel full of beans, right? Don't worry, help is at hand: we asked the experts for their tips on how to increase...
  6. Hydrotherm massage treatment

    Review: Hydrotherm massage at triyoga

    Celebrities, it girls, office workers and mums all share the same mundane, but fairly common problem when it comes to pampering - panda eyes and a puffy red face after having a massage.
  7. Smoking cigarette

    Giving up smoking and the battle of the bulge

    It is widely known that smoking is one of the leading causes of comorbidity in the UK. However, as the BBC stated in an article posted on 11 July 2012, giving up smoking can cause a higher level of weight...
  8. Local GP surgery

    Making Sure You Get the Right Treatment From Your Doctors

    The last thing we want to do when we go to see the doctor is have to call in the medical negligence lawyers. All we want is for our GP to look after us and to make the right decisions...