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  1. Lowndes Bar and Kitchen restaurant London

    Review: Lowndes Bar and Kitchen

    Hotel restaurants are slightly bizarre places. Often full of bleary-eyed, jet-lagged punters, weary business men and fraught parents with whimpering children all in search of a late night meal, you probably wouldn’t seek it out unless you were staying in...
  2. Aubaine Kensington

    Review: Aubaine restaurant

    Aubaine, I’m informed, is French for a godsend, a fortunate windfall or a stroke of luck. And the branch in Kensington must be doing ok because this is their fourth restaurant in London.
  3. Cadogan Arms Kings Road Chelsea pub

    Best of British at Cadogan Arms

    There’s something incredibly comforting about hearty, rich food as the nights start to draw in. So if you’re in need of a soothing dinner this week, you might want to head to the Cadogan Arms to sample their Best of...
  4. Busaba Eathai Chelsea restaurant

    Review: Busaba Eathai King's Road Chelsea

    Fast food is a difficult thing to get right. In London, you are never more than a happy meal away from any one of the usual suspects, but there is so much more out there for a quick bite after...
  5. The Botanist Sloane Square

    Review: The Botanist Sloane Square

    The Botanist couldn’t be more Sloane Square if it tried. Perched on one corner of the square, it honours Dr Hans Sloane, noted scientist and, of course, botanist.
  6. Vivify Spa Chelsea Cloister

    Beauty Review: Vivify Spa Chelsea

    If you, like us, have been bombarded with detox and diet messages since January started you might be a bit sick of them. Okay so in hindsight eating an entire block of Stilton or slowly but steadily working your way...
  7. Purple Dragon Chelsea

    Return to the Purple Dragon - part 1

    Right before the December school holidays, I had the decadent good fortune of being invited for a return visit to Purple Dragon in Chelsea to meet with the visionary entrepreneur and super-mum, Shari Meyers. Shari is the creator and hands-on...
  8. Eighty Six restaurant 86 Fulham Road Chelsea London

    Review: Eighty Six

    Eighty Six is an unashamedly impressive venue. The brooding, dark corners of the bar, punctuated by opulent gold decorating, open to a double-height ceiling and a winding bar.But it’s the restaurant upstairs that showcases Eighty Six’s real decadence. The four-sided...
  9. The Collection bar restaurant Brompton Road London

    Review: The Collection

    The Collection gives nothing away, right from the off. Visitors to the minimalist website are given little clue about the venue or the food, and the square, grey façade on Brompton Road gives no hints of what lies beyond.
  10. The Penny Black Restaurant Fulham Road Chelsea London

    Restaurant review: The Penny Black

    The Penny Black sits unobtrusively on Fulham Road, and its black front gives no indication of what might await you inside. It has only recently opened, but this little gem is unlikely to stay quiet for long.
  11. Palm Restaurant

    Review: The Palm restaurant

    It is evident the moment you step through The Palm’s doors that this is a restaurant where people go to show off. It’s full of businessmen in suits, thrashing out a deal over the impressive food. But that is by...
  12. The Jam Tree Pub King's Road Chelsea

    Review: The Jam Tree

    You’d be forgiven for missing The Jam Tree if you were to visit King's Road. Tucked away as it is just over the brow of a hill near Lots Road, its understated white façade belies the warm pub within.
  13. The Chelsea Ram

    Food review: The Chelsea Ram

    Readers may well be familiar with Geronimo Inns – classy, well-decorated and renowned for decent pub grub, they are a good mainstay in this part of town.
  14. Black and Blue Restaurant

    Restaurant review: Black and Blue

    The latest addition to the Black and Blue group is on the King's Road on the site of old favourite, Picasso. It’s just been refitted – decked out in natural colours and low-level lighting. It’s cosy and intimate and, on...
  15. 50 Shades of Grey image

    Book review: 50 Shades of Grey

    BabyLovesChelsea is a light-hearted account of life as a housewife and new mum living in Chelsea. On the blog, she shares the best of London SW3 and surrounding areas and all she has learnt so far about being a mum...
  16. Honky Tonk restaurant Chelsea

    Restaurant review: Honky Tonk

    As New Yorkers piece together their lives after their vibrant city was smashed by mother nature this week, what better way to pay homage to the Big Apple than by indulging in some proper American dining.
  17. El Pirata Detapas Notting Hill

    Restaurant review: El Pirata Detapas

    At first glance, a menu where tapas dishes are paired with tea seems a bit bonkers. But El Pirata Detapas in Notting Hill has launched just that – and it turns out it’s brilliant.
  18. Brooklyn Bite Kings Road London

    Restaurant review: Brooklyn Bite

    Sometimes, the cold weather calls for a massive intake of carbs, and the newly-opened Brooklyn Bite on the King's Road in Chelsea, caters for just that.
  19. Naga Chinese restaurant

    Restaurant review: Naga

    Naga is an unassuming Chinese restaurant at the wrong end of Kensington High Street with a reputation to maintain. Remarkably, in the brief period since it started previewing at the end of last year Naga has managed to win Best...
  20. Le Cercle restaurant

    Restaurant review: Le Cercle

    It’s a certain type of restaurant that has a set of branded automatic doors at its entrance. Le Cercle, just off Sloane Square, certainly doesn’t do things by halves: from the truffle popcorn that’s brought to you as you sip...