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  1. Made in Chelsea

    TV review: Made in Chelsea

    “In business and in life, you need to be the lion and the fox, simultaneously - the intimidation of the lion, the thrashing of the fox. I have ways of making money you know nothing of James.”
  2. Made in Chelsea

    Made in Chelsea episode 9 review

    If we weren’t already feeling a little queasy, figuratively speaking, from the run around Caggie has given poor Spencer this summer, then we were borderline nauseous this week as Spencer quite literally drove us around and around… and around the...
  3. Made in Chelsea

    Must-See Telly: Made in Chelsea

    First ITV2 brought us The Only Way is Essex, and now E4 are following in their footsteps with Made in Chelsea – a reality show which promises to document the lives of the glamorous residents living on and around the...
  4. Made in Chelsea E4

    TV Review: Made in Chelsea

    Watching Made in Chelsea is like sucking a lemon. Like touching a plate after the waitress tells you it’s very hot. Like slowing down to look at accident on the M25. I know we all don’t want to watch it...
  5. Made in Chelsea E4 Review

    TV review: Made in Chelsea episode two

    To borrow a popular phrase from another hit British reality TV programme: “When I’m wrong, Lord Sugar, I’ll hold my hands up.” And in the wake of last night’s Made in Chelsea episode, this is how I feel. This week’s episode...
  6. Made in Chelsea E4 blue image

    TV review: Made in Chelsea episode three

    Nonsense is what I asked for. And nonsense is what I got. 
  7. Made in Chelsea E4

    Made in Chelsea series 2 episode 7

    Viewing figures reached their peak last week and it’s no wonder when one little jaunt to the Royal Borough triumphantly combines a Willy Wonka themed “Party with a T,” hosted by Chelsea’s very own Hugh Heffner, with shocking lunchtime revelations...
  8. Made in Chelsea E4 TV show

    Made in Chelsea episode 6

    “VOUS LES VOUS COCHER AVEC MOI?” – it’s “All you need” for a weekend away in Paris with the girls, according to Caggie in this week's episode of Made in Chelsea.“Remember girls, we are on a mission,” she toasted, as...
  9. Made in Chelsea E4 TV programme

    Made in Chelsea episode 5

    By golly is it that time of the week already? “I love a digestive,” Proudlock confessed this week, and with a cup of tea in hand, don’t mind if I do sir (Mcvitties of course) and just in time for...
  10. Made in Chelsea series 2 E4

    TV review: Made in Chelsea episode 4

    “NO ONE LIKES A BANJO” Fredrick purred whilst hung, half naked from a tree this week. Well I say tree with vague optimism. One would hope the Icelandic and visually dynamic model wasn’t in fact, hanging from a children’s play...
  11. Made in Chelsea E4 TV programme

    TV review: Made in Chelsea episode 2

    The show that is renowned for theatrical riverside showdowns did not disappoint this week, following rumours fuelled by Chelsea’s very own Emmeline Pankhurst, Cheska Hull. “I was just trying to help,” she pleaded to an understandably, ungrateful Hugo. 
  12. Made in Chelsea series 2 E4

    TV review: Made in Chelsea series 2

    So there I was, sitting comfortably, glass of red in one hand, the remote in the other, it could have been a regular Monday night in front of the tele. 
  13. Kings Road fashion show Made in Chelsea

    Made In Chelsea girls star in King's Road fashion show

    Walking upstairs at Beaufort House Wednesday night I didn’t quite know what to expect. Greeted by a tray of drinks - passion fruit martinis, mojitos, and red and white wine - and the soft light pouring from the red lampshades...
  14. Made in Chelsea Cast Twitter

    The Made in Chelsea cast on Twitter

    If one hour a week isn't enough time spent listening to the thoughts and feelings of Chelsea's in crowd, we've tracked down the cast of Made in Chelsea on Twitter. So you can follow the uber-rahs through the highs and...
  15. Made in Chelsea

    Made in Chelsea finale tonight

    Like Jamie Laing’s alcoholic milkshakes, Made in Chelsea is a cocktail for disaster. The show has served us well as our local guilty pleasure; hated by some, loved by many, for the last nine weeks, and tonight, it all comes...
  16. Made in Chelsea E4 Ollie Locke

    TV review: Made in Chelsea episode four

    Well. It happened. Ollie Locke finally came out.
  17. Made in Chelsea logo

    TV review: Made in Chelsea episode five

    I have always found a dichotomy about posh men that I have never been able to quite get my head around. They preach about the virtues of chivalry but then will then treat a woman with no respect or humility...
  18. Made in Chelsea E4 picture

    TV review: Made in Chelsea episode seven

    This weekend, I had a row with my boyfriend. I had drunk too much, he made a joke about me eating a potato, I didn’t like the joke about the potato, apparently I misunderstood the joke about the potato. I...
  19. Made in Chelsea E4

    Made in Chelsea: Review of season one

    Well – it happened. Like The Big Breakfast, signing for bills and Des Lynam’s career at the BBC, all good things must come to an end. Made in Chelsea series one is over, and they sure didn’t go quietly. An episode...
  20. Chloe Green Made In Chelsea E4

    Chloe Green joins Made in Chelsea

    Whilst we wait for E4's Made In Chelsea (MIC) to make its return to our screens on Monday nights, the daughter of Topshop owner Sir Phillip Green, Chloe Green, has joined the glamorous cast of the reality television show.The aspiring...
  21. Made in Chelsea series 2

    Made in Chelsea series 2

    Made in Chelsea is back in all its back-combing, signet ring wearing, and awkward pausing glory. Season two starts on Monday 19 September and we’re just dying to see what the gang have been up to.
  22. Made in Chelsea E4

    Made in Chelsea series 2 begins tonight

    Spoilt bloody rotten this summer, as we indulged in the happenings of Chelsea’s young, rich and socially elite, the general feeling amongst viewers was bittersweet. 
  23. Gabriella Ellis Made in Chelsea Kitts

    Gabriella Ellis at Kitts

    Whether you love it or hate it, Made in Chelsea series two returns to our screens next Monday 19 September at 10pm on E4. Warming things up ahead of the new series is Gabriella Ellis who is performing a live...
  24. Made in Chelsea

    TV review: Made in Chelsea episode 3

    “BABE, YOU’RE ATTITUDING AT ME!” Yes, we were back in Chelsea this week, where you could say normality was resumed.
  25. Made in Chelsea series 2 E4 logo

    Review: Made in Chelsea the finale

    “There were three in the bed and the little one said…” I can’t believe it’s all over! Like Jamie Laing’s alcoholic milkshakes, Made in Chelsea should be a recipe for disaster; a cocktail of incredulous parties, dramatic riverside showdowns mixed with...